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The world is ever-growing, and digitalization is enhancing the chances that the world goes through, making businesses make efforts to use this change and leverage it to its fullest. Nowadays, the modern customers of this digital world want all the services available for them at a single click, and businesses are fulfilling their demands through it. However, the quality of the software application is the most crucial aspect of the user experience. If the quality of a software application isn’t well, and there are even minor bugs, it can vastly affect your business and its reputation, which may also lead to loss.

Thus, before each release, every web application must be adequately and thoroughly verified and validated. Web testing services ensure that the web application can operate smoothly as per the expectations, have popularity among target audiences, and bring benefits to businesses.


Testing web applications is crucial if you want your web application to be as expected and compelling. Reasons to test your web application through our web application  testing services include:

  • Developers are responsible for performing web application testing of their applications to ensure their best quality.
  • Nowadays, users report dozens of bugs present in a web application, and thus, it is crucial to test it to ensure not to have such reports.
  • When your project grows, and you don’t want any issues affecting your business. Hence, web testing is crucial.
  • You should perform web testing when you want your web application to be stable and safe, both for your business and the target audience.
  • When your web application gives poor performance, it might lead to a loss in your business since it would be unsatisfactory for your customers. Thus, web application testing services become crucial.
  • Web testing can ensure the availability of a web application, which makes it a must performing testing service.
  • To ensure the scalability of a web application, it’s necessary to perform web application testing.
web testing services
  • Web testing of a web application can ensure that the web application is compatible with multiple browsers.
  • When using a web application, any mishaps or events can disrupt its application usage. Thus, disaster recovery of a web application can help to recover both application and data effortlessly.
  • Web testing of a web application can also ensure its data integrity, which means that it provides whether the web application shows accuracy and consistency of data during its lifecycle.
  • Web testing services can ensure the privacy and data security of a web application, making it safe for the users.
  • Web testing of a web application is crucial as it provides compliance with specific standards.
  • Web testing of a web application can ensure that live upgrades take place effortlessly and efficiently.


Vihat Technologies is an offshore web application testing company in India that aims to make your web application efficient and ensure that it functions as per the requirements. Our web application testing services include:

  • Functional Testing: We perform functional testing of a web application to ensure that it meets all the specific requirements through a deep logical understanding and leads to a massive web application improvement.
  • Compatibility Testing: We also perform compatibility testing of a web application to validate its OS compatibility, browser compatibility, and compatibility with several other devices to ensure its flawless functioning and behaviour irrespective of the browser type or version.
  • Performance Testing: We also conduct performance testing of a web application that can determine the server’s optimal response time and even detect any bandwidth issues or memory usage.
  • Security Testing: Our web application testing services also include web application security testing that helps verify end-to-end security checks and their compliance with OWASP web or mobile top 10.
  • Usability Testing: We perform web application usability testing that can help in ensuring that the web application is highly usable and user-friendly for the end-users as much as possible.
  • API Testing:  We perform API testing to check whether a web application works correctly with its own API or third-party APIs.
  • SEO Testing: We perform thorough SEO audits of the technical and on-page activities of the web application to get better ranking visibility on the search engines.
  • Test Automation: We perform web automation testing services that can help ensure better and efficient testing and reduce the web application’s time-to-market.
  • Manual Testing: We also perform manual testing of a web application during our web application testing services through appropriate testing approaches.
  • Localization Testing: During web testing of an application, we also perform its localization testing to emphasize the languages that the application supports, the correctness of date and time settings, accuracy in translating interface elements, etc.
  • Regression Testing: We also perform regression testing of a web application to ensure that any of the newly added functions or features do not affect the already existing functionalities of the web application.
  • Database Testing: During web testing, we also perform the database testing of a web application. The database is a significant component of any web application, and it needs to be tested thoroughly.
  • Accessibility Testing: We perform accessibility testing to assess if people with disabilities can use a web application easily.
  • Exploratory Testing: We perform exploratory testing to find bugs during intuitive checkups based on our previous experience in web application testing.


Vihat Technologies can ensure exceptional and valuable web testing services. Some of the aspects that Vihat Technologies ensure through web testing include:

  • We have experienced and knowledgeable specialists who can perform quality engineering and software testing services of several web applications effectively.
  • We have experienced test engineers who write clear and concise error reports and assist the development team, where they work together to find the roots of the reported errors.
  • Our web application testing services always put reliable focus on the best practices, peculiarities of the testing project, our own experience, and the customer’s requirements and wishes regarding our work.
  • We have exceptional and valuable experience with industry-leading tools and testing methodologies.
  • We have experienced and professional test engineers familiar with the specificity of web technologies, common problems, and pitfalls of different websites and services.
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Vihat Technologies is a trusted web application testing company in India that can fulfil all your quality engineering and software testing requirements, ensuring that your customers get an incredible experience whenever they use your web application in this digital world. Vihat Technologies can tackle various challenges regarding the performance, functionality, cross-device compatibility, security, and usability of the web application across the entire digital gamut through proven experience in mobile and web application testing services along with an end-to-end service portfolio. We offer several testing methodologies and strategies such as Iterative, Agile, or DevOps to the clients while working closely with them to ensure that they get high quality engineering and web testing services for the mobile and web applications and provide them with faster time-to-market of the applications.

  • Improved functionality: Our web testing process can help in improving the functionality of the web application.
  • User-friendly interface: Our services can help in ensuring that the web application has a user-friendly interface.
  • Better performance: We can help in ensuring the better performance of your web application.
  • Greater reliability: Through our exceptional services, we can ensure the greater reliability of your web application.
  • Enhanced security level: We can help you have your web application’s security levels improved and more efficient through our services.
  • Higher accessibility: We can help in adding higher accessibility to your web application through our web testing services.


We are an offshore software testing company that can offer exceptional web application testing services through our experienced test engineers and high-end tools. The process of our web application testing includes:


In this stage, we initiate the task by analyzing requirements regarding the software application. A software requirement specification document helps us in the analysis process as an initial part of our services.


In the planning stage, we write a precise, clear test strategy and test plan based on the initiation process regarding the analysis of requirement specifications. They serve as a guideline for all the testing processes, schedules, test coverage, etc. throughout the entire software development and testing life cycle.


In this stage of our services, we start with the test design, which includes writing and reviewing repeatable test cases according to the requirements determined in the document. Where appropriate, we also focus on non-functional requirements, existing rules, or application logic while writing test cases.


In this stage, we execute the test cases and detect any bugs or flaws in the software application to identify if the requirements are as expected. Here, we also participate in a bug triage meeting to identify and prioritize the most critical defects, along with less critical bugs and gaps. We also get the agreed defects fixed and re-tested before the next testing cycle.


In this stage, we cluster the bugs based on the impact, priority, and severity and report the status of the bugs, test cases, and test cycles as part of our services.


In this stage, we analyze the testing reports and discuss with the team the root cause, improvement area, and action plan.


What is the difference between client-server, web, and desktop applications?

Web application testing services are more complex compared to client-server/desktop application testing services.

  • A desktop application runs in single memory with both back-end and front-end at one place, whereas a client-server and web application run on two or more machines.
  • A desktop application has a single user, client-server comprises limited users, whereas a web application can have an unlimited number of users.
  • A client-server works in a connected mode, whereas a web application runs in a disconnected mode.
  • Compared to a web application, a client-server has fewer network issues.
  • A web application is an URL-driven application; however, client-server and desktop applications are not URL-driven.

What are the complexities that may arise during web testing services?

Some of the common issues arising during web application testing services include:

  • Functional issues on the web application.
  • Issues during navigation in a web application.
  • Usability issues include tab key not working, broken links, default focus missing from form fields, and keyboard shortcuts not working correctly.
  • GUI issues in a web application.
  • Issues in the performance of a web application.
  • Stress causes load issues in a web application.
  • Issues of the flow of data in a web application.
  • The proper static information isn’t displayed along with text fields to enter data.

What are the different configurations which the tester should consider while testing a web application?

The configurations that the tester should consider while testing a web application include:

  1. Hardware platform: The tester should focus on the hardware since different users use different platforms such as Linux, Mac, and Microsoft.
  1. Browser: Testers should also consider the browser during web testing services since different browsers show different page layouts of the same web application. Also, plugins and browser versions are crucial factors here.

Other configurations to consider include the text size, colour depth, and resolution of the monitor.

What is the scope of Web Testing?

Web testing is a type of software testing emphasizing web applications that help address specific web applications’ specific issues before it goes live. The team of our test engineers performs exhaustive testing of the web application before going to the production environment. It can help uncover several issues in the web application such as security, functional discrepancy, web service testing, environmental issues, problems during integration, and its ability to handle user load. If such issues remain uncovered, they may get exposed to the users. Thus, efforts are made, and high priority is given to find these bugs and solve them.


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