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Technological advent leads to automation in almost every industrial sector. Automation is beneficial as it’s a less time-consuming process and helps accelerate testing processes, saves money, and enhances general productivity. Its incredible benefits are what lead people to adopt this process for software testing.

The present trend moves towards agile software development, frequent builds, and DevOps. Thus, you would prefer more comprehensive and faster testing so that there can be an increase in both quality and velocity.

Automated testing services include effective agile and DevOps testing practices such as ‘shift left’ and ‘continuous testing.’ In the ‘shift left,’ testing starts in the development phase. Automation of the unit test layer occurs and then precisely creates a pyramid where most of the testing is performed within the unit and API layers. It also leads to increased velocity as less testing is required at the user interface level.

Continuous testing is considered the backbone of continuous integration. It’s the execution of automated tests throughout the delivery pipeline and involves running risk-based, automated regression tests before each deployment within the pipeline, including post-production health checks.

Vihat Technologies is an offshore automation testing company in India; having highly experienced professionals in automation testing helps make manual testing much easier by adding an automated touch to it. We provide incredible automation testing services through which your software application’s functionality and issues will be solved without hassle through our exceptional tools.


  • Time-to-market: Automated testing services lead to a time decrease since the automated tests run swiftly and effortlessly and are conditionally free.
  • Improve product quality: Several human error risks are present in the test execution, and test automation services help with the complete mitigation of such risks with the help of multiple test execution.
  • Optimize testing activities: Testing activities get easier with automated testing and help to free up the tester’s time, allowing them to concentrate on extra testing activities.
  • Better test coverage: Automation testing incorporates processing huge data volumes through which it offers more test coverage when compared to manual testing.
  • Increase productivity: Automation can increase productivity and efficiency by reducing the time required to perform repetitive tasks.
  • Multi-platform testing: Automated testing services also include testing across multiple platforms such as devices, operating systems, and browsers that help software applications to have a smooth operation for the end-users.
  • Cloud execution: Our automated testing also includes cloud-based execution platform support.
  • 24/7 test run: In automated testing, test runs occur at any time, whether day or night.
Automation Testing services
  • Simultaneous execution: It helps in the simultaneous running of identical test cycles on different machines with various configurations.
  • Early and regular feedback: QA automation testing services provide early and regular feedback regarding the software application.
  • Code reusability: Automated testing allows reusability of codes after writing them once.
  • Easy reporting: Reports get generated automatically after the test execution in automation testing.
  • Low cost for maintenance: Compared to manual testing, automation testing is cheaper in the long run and requires less maintenance due to small and lean tests.
  • Better identification and consistency: Automated testing services have better consistency in test coverage, thus can identify coding defects, performance issues, errors, and bugs effectively.


  • Sometimes, automation testers may lack the skills for manual testing (crucial for complex testing scenarios for a thorough test coverage) and skills for automation testing (essential for the correct implementation of automation suites, instead of simple record and play-based scenarios).
  • Automation testing may have an incorrect test suite architecture.
  • Regression test scripts might not be reflected with the product changes.
  • The inclusion of GUI or functional testing has been left out, and even the testing plans have been inaccurate or incomplete.
  • It may also be that automated testing isn’t entirely part of an overall testing strategy but merely an afterthought.
  • There may be an incompatibility of test data with the real ones.
  • Automated testing may lack continuous integration.


We are an automated testing services company in India providing exceptional process-oriented services aiming for faster releases and time-to-market through the best practices of software testing.

QA Automation Testing Services
  • Since automated tests are often considered software applications, one must consider automating test cases as another software development process in QA Automation Testing Services.
  • If there is consistency, reliability, and maintainability in the testing processes and the proof of concept, it will be the best automation practice.
  • Having a proper and clear automation roadmap and strategy can ensure the precise investment returns on your automation initiatives.
  • Providing accurate and effective reports and results of the automated test executions.
  • It’s not advisable to automate test cases that will be performed only once; instead, it’s recommended to automate test cases that are going to run repeatedly during the project.
  • When the system is stable, tests are automated, and where the requirements of tested areas don’t change much often.
  • For the test cases, facilitate traceability of test scripts.
  • Ensure that test management tools are integrated with effective bug reporting.


  • Elaboration of the requirements.
  • Creation of the test strategy and plan.
  • Writing the code.
  • Verification of the scripts.
  • Maintenance of automated tests is extremely crucial, and it should be possible to maintain & scale automated tests easily since time and labour-consuming maintenance can lead to loss.


  • Automation Advisory: Our QA automation testing services include automation advisory, which means re-imagining a human-centric transformation journey with automation, which helps deliver strategic benefits.
  • Automation Tool Feasibility: We also check for the factors through a checklist (AI and Non-AI driven inclusive), which helps decide whether or not automated testing can proceed.
  • Automation Framework Development: We also develop an automation framework in our automation testing company to design and execute test cases with our standards, processes, and interactions among components.
  • Automation Scripts Integration with CI/CDs: Through our test automation services of scripts integration with CI/CDs, we can help to hook the automation scripts into the CI server to get the benefits of the continuous integration and continuous delivery throughout the software development pipeline.
  • Automation of Web and Mobile sites: We also provide automated testing services on a web software application to add predefined tasks, actions, and processes to it.
  • Automation of Mobile App (iOS and Android): Our automation testing company also provides automation of mobile apps (iOS and Android). The tests are written and then executed to automate mobile applications in iOS and android platforms.
  • Automation of APIs and Databases: We also help automate APIs and database test cases to cover the wide range of API and database functionalities.
  • Automation of Regression and Smoke suites: We ensure that any code doesn’t get regressed after changes or adding new functionalities and try to minimize the regressions through our regression and smoke suites automation testing.
  • Automation Test Suite Development, Execution, and Maintenance: Our automation testing company in India also provides automation test suite development, execution, and maintenance.
  • Automation Asset Creation and Environment Setup: We provide QA automation testing services to create automation assets and assist you with the automation environment setup.


If you want to attain the benefits of proper and adequate automation testing services for your software application, then Vihat Technologies is the best place to contact. We are an automation testing company in India aiming to help businesses with our automated testing services. Our experts have exceptional skills in automation testing with the best practices, strategies, and frameworks for the automation testing of your software application. Some features that make us reliable include:

  • Exceptional expertise in automated testing.
  • High-end tools and use of innovative tactics.
  • Adequate and efficient testing processes along with accurate results.
  • Incredible teamwork having experienced and highly-skilled QA professionals.


As a leading offshore QA automation testing company, we aim to provide the best services to our clients with high-end tools and effective processes.


In this stage, we initiate the automation task by analyzing the requirements of the software application, different user journeys, and existing manual test cases and their stability. We evaluate whether the automation testing is feasible or not.


In this stage, our automation testing company in India writes a precise, clear test strategy and test plan based on the initiation process regarding the requirements analysis. They serve as a guideline for all the automation testing processes, schedules, test coverage, tools and techniques, framework analysis, etc., throughout the entire software development and testing life cycle.

Test Design

In this stage, we start with configuring an environment and framework development if it doesn’t exist already, followed by modular and reusable test scripts writing along with their appropriate test data. We also filter out the automation candidate from the manual test cases backlog or business cases based on their priority, severity, complexity, and stability.

Test Execution

In this stage of our test automation services, we run automated test suites on the appropriate environments and detect any bugs or flaws in the software application to identify if the requirements are as expected. Here, we also participate in a bug triage meeting to identify and prioritize the most critical defects, along with less critical bugs and gaps. We also get the agreed defects fixed and re-tested before the next automated testing cycle.


In this stage, we cluster the bugs based on the impact, priority, and severity and report the status of the bugs, test cases as part of our automation testing services.

Results Analysis

In this stage, we analyze the automated testing reports and discuss with the team the root cause, improvement area, and action plan.


Why do businesses choose automation testing services?

Automation testing means applying different automated tools and methods for software testing that helps in the reduction of costs, testing efforts, and faster delivery capability. Thus, businesses go for test automation services as it helps increase the quality of software applications.

Can we automate all test cases?

When talking about automating all the test cases, it’s impractical. Also, there is some applications’ functionality that can’t be automated such as 2-factor authentication, captcha, moving elements, etc., thus, it’s crucial to select the test cases based on their priority, severity, complexity, and stability.

What skills should testers have in test automation services?

For adequate automation testing, the tester should have a sound understanding and experience of the programming language and appropriate tools.

What value does automated testing have?

Automated testing comes with better insights compared to manual testing, especially when some test cases fail. QA automated testing services also improve the testing process and reduce operating costs.


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