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Do your clients face issues by having to navigate through a maze of actions of your software application to get to their required section? Do your customers leave your application before any purchase, enquiry, or subscription because they find complexities in searching the correct link, page, or required section? If so, then it is a matter of concern. When a user goes through specific problems while using your application as they struggle to find the correct way for particular actions, your developed software application doesn’t have good quality.

Usability testing services can be helpful in these situations by giving the customers access to use the application flawlessly that will be easy to use, learn and navigate as per their expectations. It’s a type of black-box and non-functional software testing that comprises User Interfaces (UI) and User Experience (UX) testing. It ensures whether the end-users can use and interact with the software application conveniently and comfortably or not.

When you want your software application to be valuable and demandable in the marketplace, it needs adequate website usability testing services as it is significant for its acceptance. If a customer faces a poor user experience with your software application, it is possible that they might not want to use it, which will lead to adverse effects on your business growth and brand reputation.

Vihat Technologies is a leading usability testing company that can solve your software application’s usability issues to make it ready to be accepted in the marketplace by testing the User Experience and User Interfaces through our website usability testing services.


Usability testing leads to easy access in application usage through which businesses can achieve their goals of application success. If our website usability testing services are involved in the early development stages of an application, then it will be highly beneficial.

  • This gives users an easy and convenient way to access the software application.
  • This helps businesses expose what difficulties, issues, and complexities the end-users face when using their software application.
  • This is needed since there are chances of losing clients or the value of the application if there are usability issues or the user experience is poor.
  • It is reliable, helpful, and mandatory for covering a wide array of end-users efficiently and effectively.


Wiping out any issues that cause problems in the user experience during the usage of a software application is possible with the help of our services. Thus, this is quite beneficial, and every software application needs to go through it at least once before the development phase. Some of the reasons why to use website usability testing include:

  • Useful: It helps in optimizing the application to make it easily accessible to the users. Thus, the users should be able to access the software applications according to their requirements.
  • Accessible: After website usability testing services, a software application should have the ability to comply with legal obligations like w3c standards and should be accessible to millions of people having one or multiple disabilities. For example, each and every input field should have proper labeling on them, and the image description should be provided with the help of appropriate HTML tags like ALT text.
  • Desirable: The application should generate a feel-good factor during its usage and be appealing enough for the user to log in again.
  • Findable: In one or two clicks, the user should be able to use the main features of an application with the help of website usability testing services.
  • Usable: This can also help examine the adequate time of response of the standard functions of an application. It should have a user-centric design framework for its interface so that it will be easily usable.
  • Credible: It relates to the trust of the users in the software application that you have provided, not just by doing the job it supposes to do but it should last a reasonable amount of time with accurate and fit-for-purpose information.
  • Valuable: The software application must deliver value to the business which creates it and to the users who buy or uses it, which is clearly feasible with the usability testing services.

Usability Testing via Jakob Nielsen’s Heuristics:

Jakob Nielsen’s ‘Usability Heuristics’ is a method for usability inspection of usability issues in a software application. It’s one of the most used heuristics or usability principles for user interface design. The heuristics of Jacob Nielson for better usability testing services include:

  • Match among the application and the real world: The application should speak a language familiar to its users that would contain familiar phrases, words, and concepts for the users and follow the real world by being natural.
  • User control and freedom: When a user chooses one of the application’s functions by mistake, then they should be able to exit it efficiently without any extended dialogues.
  • Error prevention: Before the user can perform any activity that leads to errors, our proactive approach can alert them regarding any error that happens due to their actions.
  • Consistency and standards: It should also be performed so that users should be able to understand actions, words, and icons effortlessly. The application should have a standard language to be easily understandable for the users.
  • Visibility of application status: The software application should adequately inform the users about actions and current status through adequate feedback and appropriate clues within a reasonable time.
  • Recognition rather than recall: Make the objects, options, and actions in a software application visible so that users don’t have to recall everything. Thus, make the software application easily usable and retrievable by providing all the options proactively, for example, search strings.
  • Flexibility and efficiency of use: Through this, make a software application cater to all the users – both experienced and inexperienced. Allow the users to tailor the frequent actions in an application.
  • Aesthetic and minimalist design: The software application must be designed in a way so that the users can easily understand the functionality by looking at the options. For example, they should understand what an icon means without having to search for it.
  • Help users diagnose, recover, and recognize the errors: Help users by providing error messages simply and constructively through simple language without codes and with to-the-point error indication along with a solution.
  • Help and documentation: There should be adequate documentation and assistance for the users in a software application. It should be easily accessible to the user indicating the user’s task in a less descriptive way.


There are certain aspects on which the test engineers focus while performing the website usability testing services that include:

  • The learning speed: The engineers focus on how fast the users can learn certain functions to perform required tasks through the help of the software application.
  • Identification of problems: The engineers also focus on what issues and difficulties the users may face while executing tasks in the application.
  • Measurement of time: Test engineers also focus on how much time the users require to troubleshoot and find a solution to any issues that may arise while performing tasks in a software application.


Careful execution of website usability testing services is crucial for it to work effectively. Vihat Technologies ensures detailed implementation of usability testing processes that can allow you to:

  • Provide a successful and enhanced user experience of your software application for having happy customers.
  • Getting rid of any issues or problems that the end-users may face during their interaction with your software application.
  • Reduce the amount of time that the users may require for learning specific areas of your software application.
  • Save the cost incurred by the support team by eliminating all the general problems and difficulties present for performing specific tasks based on software usability aspects of your software application.
  • Help improve your software application by learning the end-users feedback regarding your software application.


Vihat Technologies is an offshore usability testing company having experienced professionals who have excellent knowledge of usability testing to ensure the best UI and UX of a software application. We offer the deployment of a software application having accurate usability heuristics by Jacob Nielsen that leads to an incredibly enhanced user experience. Thus, it will be convenient and comfortable for the on-screen users to utilize the application without much hassle through our services.

  • Our services include an application-based usability checklist that helps to ensure that the software application has a user-centric approach.
  • We use advanced and useful testing tools to perform usability tests for your websites and mobile applications.
  • We have highly experienced test engineers with incredible knowledge for assessing the usability and design factors of an application, including error control, ease of navigation, feedback, consistency, visual clarity, transactions, performance, and accessibility.
  • Our services also include accurate and precise usability reports that come with valuable and detailed recommendations and improvements.


There are two ways to perform usability testing services in their software application without much hassle. The following are two different ways to conduct these services.

1. Usability testing that our qualified test engineers can perform.

In this way, our qualified test engineers perform specific testing processes for the usability testing of a software application using high-end tools and effective principles of usability testing. The process of our services includes:


In this stage, our test engineers initiate the task by analyzing the requirements of the software application. A software requirement specification document helps us in the analysis process as an initial part of our usability testing services.


In the planning stage, our usability testing company in India writes a precise, clear test strategy and test plan based on the initiation process regarding the analysis of requirement specifications. They serve as a guideline for all the testing processes, schedules, test coverage, etc. throughout the entire software development and testing life cycle.

Test Design

In this stage, we start with the test design, which includes writing and reviewing repeatable test cases according to the requirements determined in the document. Where appropriate, we also focus on non-functional requirements, existing rules, or application logic while writing test cases.

Test Execution

In this stage, we execute the test cases and detect any bugs or flaws in the software application to identify if the requirements are as expected. Here, we also participate in a bug triage meeting to identify and prioritize the most critical defects, along with less critical bugs and gaps. We also get the agreed defects fixed and re-tested before the next testing cycle.


In this stage, we cluster the bugs based on the impact, priority, and severity and report the status of the bugs, test cases, and test cycles as part of our website usability testing services.

Results Analysis

In this stage of our services, we analyze the testing reports and discuss with the team the root cause, improvement area, and action plan.

2. Usability testing that the actual end-users can perform.

In this way, the process of usability testing of a software application by the actual users include:

Prototype Creation

First thing is creating a prototype, which is the early model of a software application that has usually restricted functionality and is built to test a design concept.

Test Plan

During usability testing services, a test plan incorporates what will be tested, how it will be measured, etc.

Recruit Target Users

To get out the proper value of our test, you need impartial feedback, which means finding impartial participants who won’t like everything they see in the software application; instead, they would provide genuine feedback, whether negative or positive.

Find a Location

It isn’t necessary to perform testing inside; it can also be performed outside. We put all the potential users in a real-time context with an accurate environment, such as looking at the metro train-journey planning prototype while riding a metro train.

Moderate the Tests

We provide our users with enough context and then remind them to visualize that they are using the software application in a real-life situation while commuting, exercising, shopping, etc.

Document Results

During the website usability testing services, usually, the test deliverables incorporate an excel spreadsheet having notes, a screen recording, an audio recording, or a participant’s recording through a webcam, a feedback survey etc. All such data are recorded and documented correctly. Such a record consists of accurate and valuable information regarding the usability defects of the application.


What are the five 5 goals of usability testing services?

The 5 Es – efficient, effective, engaging, error-tolerant, and easy to learn – describe the multi-faceted characteristics of usability testing services.

When are usability testing services useful?

It is beneficial to conduct any usability testing services before making any design decisions so that the most crucial user pain points can be measured for testing. It is possible to understand what the users require through their behavior.

What is website usability testing services example?

For example, while designing a website for an eCommerce supermarket that allows its users to purchase groceries online, the precise way of testing your design is by having a user proceed through your product as you monitor them trying to purchase their groceries.

What is the primary purpose of usability testing services?

The primary purpose of usability testing services includes gathering user-centric data to identify usability issues that are contained in an application and improve the design of the web or application better.


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