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Vihat Technologies

India’s Leading Independent Pure-Play Offshore Software Testing Company

Vihat Technologies, based in Ahmedabad, is India’s leading software testing company. It’s a rapidly growing pure-play offshore software testing services company in India aiming to help its clients get their software applications validated efficiently and effectively through its full range of services for software testing.

Vihat Technologies provides exceptional quality engineering and software testing services effectively and efficiently in agile, continuous delivery, and DevOps environments using its best people, the simplest processes, and the best tools and technologies. It helps organizations to improve their software application through innovation and simple approaches with absolute confidence.

Building on our legacy as experts in software testing services, we also offer consultancy and services across the software engineering lifecycle, including business analysis services, and agile and DevOps testing services.

As a leading software testing company in Ahmedabad, we offer clients the guidance, capability, and support to deliver quality software applications through a distinctive blend of our experienced consultants, engineers, and high-caliber graduates. It helps enterprises prioritize quality, develop a top-quality software application, increase speed to market more effectively and more frequently, and digitize their business for efficiency.

We are an independent software testing company having the ambition to serve our clients in multiple industry domains around the globe.

We are pleased with being a distinctive software testing company, adhering to its values, and serving its mission.

Founder & Owner

  • Vihat Technologies was founded by Shahil Chokshi in 2020.
  • Having graduated with MSc. Advanced computing from The University of Manchester, UK, Shahil Chokshi was a committed ISTQB certified Lead QA Engineer who was devoting his life to the thought of gathering a sensible team of qualified experts who are performance-driven and are as ambitious for the clients as they are for themselves and would offer all QA services in one place.
  • He possesses a solid diary of 18+ years of UK and USA experience in QA environments with global clients.
  • He is responsible as a Chief Quality Officer, subject matter expert, and overall operations.
  • He possesses excellent passion, a particularly skilled team, and years of experience in complex solutions while resolving issues that other companies have found to be too difficult.
  • His passion and expertise for the work performed have acted as a stimulant for the rapid growth, making Vihat Technologies together with the leaders within the IT industry.
  • In his free time, he loves going for an extended walk, doing yoga, feeding birds, enjoying family & friends, and catching the worldwide and IT news.


Hands-On Expertise
Using Advanced Tools & Techniques

High ROI On
Investments & Reduce Time-To-Market

Proven Expertise In Multiple Domains & Commitment To Excellence

Effective Communication In English & Fully Integrated With Your Team Along With Transparency & Control

Dedicated Experienced & Vetted Professionals, Capable of Working In An Agile Environment With A Think-Out-Of-The-Box And Act As An End-User Approach

Fully Flexible
Working Hours

Proprietary Optimized Approach & Solutions Designed For You

Quick Customer Support & Feedback With Agility

Our Vision

To become the world’s most admired, trusted, and fulfilled software testing company that can assist its clients to cost-effectively find and prevent defects that may possibly save lives, embarrassment, and lots of money.


  • Help clients solve complex software testing problems using our technology expertise and helping them to innovate fearlessly and progress without limits.
  • Build in-house software QA property to supply the best innovative solutions to our clients and provide them with the confidence to form strides, in order that they are able to do, and even exceed their ambitions.
  • Create a passionate and committed organization generating value for clients, employees, stakeholders, and society.

Our Culture & Workspace

  • We’ve built a business that’s centered around its people and where the customer is always the center of attention. We are pleased with our distinctive culture. We don’t just mention our culture and values –  they’re lived throughout our business every day, which enables instant feedback, recognition, and reward for living the values, inspiring behaviour, or just doing the proper thing.
  • We follow agile ceremonies and methodologies and subscribe to the “Shift Left”, “Shift Right”, and “Continuous Testing” approaches which suggest that testing is introduced at the beginning of the software delivery process and can continue throughout the delivery pipeline.
  • Whether we are working in Quality Engineering and Software Testing, Business Analysis & Requirements Engineering, or DevOps, we are hooked on selecting people with the proper level of technology grounding and aptitude so as to deliver exceptional results.
  • By providing a fun, creative, and dynamic workspace, we all grow together.


  • We are committed to offering high-quality services in a way that safeguards a secure and healthy work environment for our employees and limits our possible environmental impact.

Our Values



We are passionate and committed to our customers, showing stamina and resilience, and have the conviction to do the proper thing. We’ll roll up our sleeves to get the assignment done.



We are always learning. We question why, we look for better ways, ask questions, and actively listen.



We are bold in our thinking, overcoming fears, challenging the conventional, and we will run towards and embrace change.



We are open, honest, approachable, and that we treat one another fairly. We recognize success and failure in ourselves and others but always admit and learn from mistakes.



We are outcome-oriented and we do what we are saying we’ll do. We perform under pressure and have a robust work ethic.


BE altruistic

We look after one another, respect diversity, and advocate inclusion. We are committed to creating a difference in the communities around us and consider others before ourselves.

We work with


SMALL/MID Businesses




We are focused on staff welfare and development so that they feel empowered by our leadership.

Modern Slavery

We are committed to making sure that there’s no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or supply chain.


We only engage with suppliers who show integrity by respecting human and employment rights, share our commitment to diversity, suit the law, have a robust environmental policy, and follow health and safety regulations.

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