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Security is the central aspect nowadays in any industry. In this digitalization era, every business or organization is at risk of attacks, which means security is crucial and shouldn’t be compromised. There would be a debacle in any business that results from security breaches that can lead to the loss of customers, high costs of legal and recovery processes, and damage to the business’s reputation.

Any web server and, therefore, the application code that runs on those as a web portal or a simple website is vulnerable to attacks in several ways. Such attacks may be that the hacker will be able to simply deface the pages while other attacks include severe attacks like data stealth or disruption of website operations. It’s important to know that merely having firewalls isn’t enough for the safety and security of your software applications. Furthermore, taking any actions or prevention measures after the breach has taken place cannot solve or undo the harm that occurred due to those security issues. Thus, the role of our security testing services through the runtime proactive measures and exceptional testing services can help in all such security issues, and it would be highly beneficial for businesses or organizations.

Our application security testing services is a non-functional testing service for a software application that has the ambition to seek out any vulnerabilities of the tested software application. It also determines whether the software application system and data are safe and secure from intruders or attacks.

Application penetration security testing services are also crucial for web applications since several people can access web applications through the internet from various devices.

Hence, application security testing is crucial and must be considered by businesses to detect any security issues in their software application and take preventive measures. When the software requirements are ready, consideration of such security aspects is crucial.


Our web application security testing company relates to concepts such as,

  • Confidentiality: The users must be assured that all their sensitive data or information would be effectively protected from 3rd parties and hackers having malicious intentions.
  • Integrity: The data and information of the user shouldn’t get disappeared or corrupted.
  • Authentication: There should be verification of the user data authenticity, or else security measures won’t be applicable.
  • Authorization: As long as the users are identified and granted access to specific data, proper data security would be guaranteed.
  • Availability: The users should effortlessly pass the authorization process and get access to their data.
  • Non-Repudiation: A software application must provide traceability, and the users should accept it if they had sent or received messages.
web application security testing company


Some of the common OWASP vulnerabilities that a software application faces that should be taken into consideration during penetration testing services include:

  • Injection: Injection occurs when an attacker or a hacker injects a bit of code to interface within an application while performing unintended actions. One of the most well-known and most common injection attacks is SQL injection (SQLi), where an attacker inserts a SQL statement that can expose all the contents of a database table. An equivalent type of attack that comes against a directory system is LDAP injection.
  • Broken Authentication: Attackers can attack and hijack all the user identities in a software application and conceal behind proper user IDs to obtain access to all the data and programs. It can be solved through the help of our web application security testing company.
  • Sensitive Data Exposure: If there is an unintended data display when a user operates an internet application containing user data, some significant issues might arise regarding its security.
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF): Ill-minded people can also place a specific link on their website on a trustworthy web page or site. On visiting the attacker’s site, the users may unintentionally allow the malicious program to run and steal their sensitive information (logins, passwords, or even gain control over the user’s account and more).
  • XML External Entities: Any contents of external files laid out in an XML document are loaded after the configuration of XML processors. A hacker can obtain the XML processor return contents of the local files and then get access to files on other systems that have trust in the attacked system or generate executable code to exploit the XML processor capability. Such a problem can be solved through our penetration testing company in India.
  • Broken Access Control: Broken access control happens when users can access several users’ information or perform functions above their levels.
  • Security Misconfiguration: Security misconfiguration refers to any software application security systems that are loosely managed or inaccurate. It can occur at any part of a software application; thus, it’s common and can be detected effortlessly.
web application security testing services
  • Cross-site (XSS): If there is a XSS vulnerability in a software application, users would have extended trust on a specific site to any other malicious site. Users generally allow particular actions to trusted sites by providing them with permission; however, malicious or harmful programs can modify any trusted site to make it communicate with an untrusted site, thus spreading malware and exposing sensitive data. Such an issue can be prevented with the help of our security testing services.
  • Insecure Deserialization: Serialization helps convert an object into data that can effortlessly be stored within the software application or sent somewhere. In such a way, one can regenerate the object in the same state through another system and/or different times through deserialization. Thus, the hacker provides an object and, once deserialized, gets access privileges or runs a malicious program.
  • Usage of Components with Known Vulnerabilities: It is easy to reduce development costs and extend innovation through open source development practices. However, there are still some security issues and challenges in the management process and the benefits of open source software applications. To use it effectively without facing any such challenges, you can try the testing services of our penetration security testing company in India.
  • Insufficient Logging and Monitoring: Insufficient logging and monitoring occur when there aren’t any security-critical events appropriately logged, and the software application can’t monitor the current happenings.


Vihat Technologies is a leading application security testing company providing incredible application security testing services to businesses to make their software application safe and secure to use. Some of our services for security testing of a software application include:

  • Vulnerability Testing: Our vulnerability testing includes applying automated testing tools and specially written scripts, which helps search for common vulnerabilities within any software application.
  • Security Scanning: We also provide security scanning, which is an automated process that scans objects of a specific network, device, or application to verify any security flaws or issues on it.
  • Malware Analysis: Another service under our security testing services includes malware analysis. It’s a process where we understand the purpose and behaviour of a suspicious URL or file. It results in detecting and mitigating any potential threat within an application.
  • Ethical Hacking: Our IT specialists attempt to penetrate the software application, not for evil purposes but to point out its security weaknesses.
  • Source Code Review: We also perform source code review, which is a process that ensures that a software application is free from any security bugs and hackers can’t exploit it using loopholes in coding before the production phase begins.
  • Penetration Testing: Our testers act like hackers through our penetration testing services and then try to penetrate the system and then find its weakness to ensure its flawless.
  • Web Application Assessment
  • Mobile App Assessment (Android and iOS)
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Wifi Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Network Assessment
  • API Application Assessment
  • Cloud Application Assessment
  • IoT Application Assessment


Vihat Technologies is a web application security testing company that can help by offering end-to-end and exceptional testing services through deploying the leading advanced technologies and high-end tools that will be beneficial in verifying any developed software or applications for security issues or threats. We comprise an experienced team of professionals having incredible knowledge who can offer best-in-class penetration testing services and security testing services that will assist in the protection of your business, clients, and application.

We follow PTES and OWASP (Open Web Security Project) guidelines during our security testing processes and WAHH, PCI-DSS, WASC, OSSTMM, SANS, ASVS, MITRE checklist, and NIST standards according to the specific requirements of the application. It also includes a set of comprehensive checks that test for the security of the software application and web application, thus ensuring that the application remains threat-free from vulnerabilities and even meets the security requirements as per the business such as authorization, confidentiality, authentication, integrity, and availability.

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We have security experts who employ Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) techniques and Static Application Security Techniques (SAST) to identify potential threats that malicious hackers can target.

The services of our web application penetration security testing services company not only include the identification of potential vulnerabilities but can also offer insights on particular security vulnerabilities before the attackers exploit them. Our test engineers also perform automated vulnerability scanning and exhaustive manual pen testing to identify any security flaws in a software application and logic-related vulnerabilities along with false positives and false negatives.


As a leading penetration testing company in India, we aim to provide the best services to our clients with high-end tools and effective processes for the security of their software applications. Our testing processes include:


In this stage, we initiate the testing task by planning and gathering information on the security aspects of the software application. We write the precise and clear test strategy and test plan after analyzing the software application. They serve as a guideline for all the security testing processes, schedules, test coverage, tools, techniques, etc., throughout the entire software development and testing life cycle. We evaluate whether the security testing is feasible or not.


In this stage, we analyze the vulnerabilities in the software application and provide insights and recommendations where appropriate.

Attack Modelling

In this stage, we prepare the particular vulnerability to examine the specific behaviour and its side effects, if any.


In this stage, we execute the specific vulnerability which was prepared in the attack modelling phase. We also constantly monitor the behaviour of a software application and identify any bugs or side effects.


In this stage, we cluster the security bugs based on the impact, priority, and severity and report the status of the bugs, test cases as part of our web application security services.

Results Analysis

In this stage, we analyze the security testing reports and discuss with the team the root cause, improvement area, and action plan.


When to perform security testing services?

Security testing services should be performed right before deploying to the production environment (e.g., UAT or staging environment), where the change requests are minimal.

Why are security testing services crucial?

Security within a software application or a web application is crucial since it can harm its information and data. Thus, our security testing services will be beneficial in detecting any security risk within the software application and then help solve such security issues. It seeks out the potential vulnerabilities present in a software application and then finds solutions to such security issues by assisting developers in fixing the security issues through coding.

Do penetration testing services break a system?

Yes, penetration testing services may break the software application in some way for unauthorized access or data leakage that leads to specific damages. Thus, it’s advisable to perform penetration testing in an internal, dedicated, and isolated environment to stay away from harm or side effects. One must not forget about application and data backup before commencing the testing process.

Are the security scanning and penetration testing production safe?

It depends on the scenario. However, we recommend testing the internal, dedicated, and isolated environments such as UAT or staging. We never perform testing on live applications without the client’s prior approval.


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