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Geographical-based applications are being rolled out all across the world of technologies. Organizations aim to deal with their customer base worldwide by providing applications on a geographical basis. However, organizations need confidence in their application to meet the requirements such as language and functionality based on the geographic regions where it will be released. Moreover, organizations also need the right strategies to scale operations optimally across specific geographic locations and release software applications in the fastest possible time-to-market. The acceptance and success of any software application depend on its users’ perspectives. The application must integrate smoothly and flawlessly along with the targeted market’s cultural landscape and native language to get wide user acceptance.

Localization testing services mean the process of software application testing where the application is tested to ensure that it meets the linguistic, cultural, and other requirements of a specific geographic region. Localization and internationalization together form our globalization testing services. Businesses have the opportunity to create more success regarding their applications through internationalization and localization.

Vihat Technologies is a software testing company that can provide you with impeccable globalization testing and localization testing services. Below we shall discuss localization and internationalization.

Localization (l10N):

Localization testing involves testing processes that can ensure whether a software application can work across a specific location adequately and function correctly without having any cultural or language issues of that location. The main aspects to look for while localization testing of a software application include:

  • Overall content: Some possibilities are there that the overall content of an application may not be native to a specific location even after being correct grammatically. Thus, in such situations, localization testing can prevent this from happening.
  • Help text: Issues may also arise with the help text of a software application; it will ensure that it stays as per the requirements of a specific geographical region. Thus, localization of that application is crucial.
  • Postcodes: Localization testing of a software application also ensures that there are no issues with its postcodes.
  • Phone numbers: The phone number format on your software application should be as per the location since different locations have different digits. Localization also helps in testing for such matters.
  • Time & data: The time and date in your software application may contradict the requirements of a specific geographical location; hence, localization testing does its work here as well.
  • Script pattern: Localization of the script pattern is also crucial if you want the success of a software application geography-wise.
  • Local laws and regulations: Localization also ensures that a software application has all the policy measures to ensure specific geographical region social laws and regulations.
localization testing services
  • Currency: Localization of the currency of an application ensures that the currency within an application presents a monetary value in the format of the user’s local currency.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Localization of cultural sensitivity is also crucial during our services of an application since it ensures that no local cultural or market faux pas exists in that application.
  • Keyboards, gestures, and touches: Not all keyboards and gestures are available in every country. Thus, localization of keyboards, gestures, and touches is also crucial to make it preferable by the users of that location.
  • UI Verification in different screen sizes and resolutions: Localization of a software application also includes the verification of its UI to ensure whether the software application will run on screens having different sizes and resolutions or not.

Internationalization (l18N)

Our globalization testing and localization testing services also include the internationalization of a software application. It ensures that the software application will be functional in multiple global locations according to consumer requirements, i.e., software applications with a different language and culture configurations without requiring culture-specific changes or customization.

The internationalization of a software application is performed to verify any international functionality issues of a software application before it gets released globally.

globalization testing services
  • Globalization testing services also include ensuring that a software application can adapt to different regions and work with the appropriate configurations for regional features.
  • It also ensures that localization doesn’t impact any user experience or functionalities of an application.
  • Internationalization also helps in identifying all the potential areas of a software application that get affected by localization.
  • It is feature-based testing.
  • The graphics content, including GUI and native test of a software application, is also tested during internationalization.
  • Testing of native awareness is also applied in internationalization.


Our globalization testing and localization testing services are crucial for making your software application acceptable and functional across different geographical locations. Some of the reasons for its significance include:

  • It becomes a crucial testing process when a software application comprises versions in one or more languages.
  • An application can become good-for-nothing and confusing for the target users if it has localization issues since it can make the usability of any software application adverse. Thus, our services help to solve this issue.
  • It ensures that any software application has a localized version that stays consistent with the software application and meets its original brand promise and goal.
  • It can ensure that the software application will deal with complex characters that could have adverse effects on cut-off words, misaligned menus, etc.
  • It helps ensure that all the local specific characters of a software application appear perfectly, such as holidays, names, numbers, currencies, salutations, dates, etc.


Our localization and globalization testing services come with valuable advantages. Some of the merits include:

  • This service is advantageous in reducing all the cultural sensitivity and differences.
  • Localization is beneficial as it provides local language support, which is suitable for winning a local user base.
  • It helps in making the application lead the market with an excellent user experience.
  • It helps in the increment of your brand’s popularity and strengthens its global presence.


Some common defects found during our services include:

  • Wrong translation: In any version of a software application, texts should be natural, easily understandable, and similar to the original. During this translation, specific words or phrases are non-use; certain phrases, verbs, and terms are mistranslated in different parts of the user interface with different terms, and such issues can be severe.
  • Absent text: There may not be any text in the required position during translation. Thus, it is crucial and mandatory to open both the translated and original versions of an application localized and verify all such errors.
  • Unreadable, meaningless characters: There may be unreadable rectangles, symbols, question marks, or carriage returns in texts. During globalization and localization testing services, such issues appear when there are some errors in the code or when the software application is not adjusted to the platform being tested.
localization testing services


Vihat Technologies provides excellent and exceptional globalization testing services and localization testing services to help your software application be demandable and preferable by the users both locally and internationally.

  • Functional Testing: Our globalization testing services and localization testing services include functionality testing to ensure that the software application stays according to the target audience standards. Our test engineers can optimize and validate your software application to make it adequate and appropriate both linguistically & culturally and consist of the correct time zone, text style, graphics, fonts, currency, keyboard usage, menu, and other parameters.
  • Linguistic Testing: We ensure that the local version of your software application has error-free language and content through our services. It also ensures that the application can provide a unique experience to the targeted users and make it satisfactory and as expected among all localities. We cover the translation completeness, cultural appropriateness, grammatical, typographical, regional settings, and terminology usage alongside appropriate formatting and consistency through our linguistic testing.


Vihat Technologies is a leading software testing company that provides impeccable localization and globalization testing services to make your web applications and mobile applications valuable.

  • Our localization and internationalization testing support multi-country rollouts that offer expectable results.
  • We provide optimum coverage of the software application through our best practices and localization-specific test optimization checklist with our services.
  • We provide linguistic testing under our localization and globalization testing of a software application that ensures localization and globalization.
  • Our exceptionally skilled test engineers use several methods and high-end tools to create real-life test conditions.
  • During globalization testing and localization testing services, our test engineers concentrate on making the user interface and content of a software application adequate and efficient. They take special care of the language and culture peculiarities.
  • During such testing, our test engineers also verify the functionalities of all the versions of the software application.


Vihat Technologies can assist you with our localization and globalization testing services and help you make your software application perfect for all the geographies. Our highly exceptional test engineers perform the following processes for globalization and localization testing.


In this stage, we initiate the task by analyzing requirements regarding the software application. A software requirement specification document helps us in the analysis process as an initial part of our localization and globalization testing services.


In the planning stage, we write a precise, clear test strategy and test plan based on the initiation process regarding the analysis of requirement specifications. They serve as a guideline for all the testing processes, schedules, test coverage, etc. throughout the entire software development and testing life cycle.

Test Design

In this stage, we start with the test design, which includes writing and reviewing repeatable test cases according to the requirements determined in the document. Where appropriate, we also focus on non-functional requirements, existing rules, or application logic while writing test cases.

Test Execution

In this stage, we execute the test cases and detect any bugs or flaws in the software application to identify if the requirements are as expected. Here, we also participate in a bug triage meeting to identify and prioritize the most critical defects, along with less critical bugs and gaps. We also get the agreed defects fixed and re-tested before the next testing cycle.


In this stage, we cluster the bugs based on the impact, priority, and severity and report the status of the bugs, test cases, and test cycles as part of our services.

Results Analysis

In this stage of our localization and globalization testing services, we analyze the testing reports and discuss with the team the root cause, improvement area, and action plan.


What is the primary skill required for localization testing services?

The most crucial thing a test engineer needs to ensure during localization testing services is that the final version of the translation of a software application is accurate, precise, and as per the requirements. They should also have solid and adequate knowledge about grammatical rules, linguistic skills, and cultural awareness.

What is the difference between localization and globalization testing?

Globalization testing emphasizes users as the generic user base. Localization testing emphasizes a small group of users within a given culture or locale. During globalization testing, the tester assumes that the application being tested will be used worldwide.

What type of testing do globalization testing services incorporate?

Globalization testing services of a software application mainly incorporate localization and internationalization, which also concentrate on several testing methods such as functional testing, integration testing, usability testing, user interface testing, compatibility testing, and installation testing.

Why are localization testing services crucial?

Localization testing incorporates verifying the suitability and accuracy of the content of a software application if it has been designed specifically for a targeted region or language. Apart from translation, it also ensures that any software application can adapt to the end user’s linguistic, cultural, and functional requirements.


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