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Technology and advancement have led to the invention of mobile devices, and in the present scenario, it’s pretty demanding and has tremendously impacted human lives. A plethora of mobile devices are present nowadays, surpassing the number of human beings present on the planet. Thus, preparing an application to be mobile-ready is crucial for the satisfaction of today’s digital customers.

Mobile applications are leading the technological era. They are trendy and exceptional tools that several businesses use today, which lie at the core of the digital transformation that various industries are undergoing currently. There is a proliferated usage of applications nowadays, and those applications also have their alternatives. Thus, customers want the best and may get easily frustrated and intolerant of UX problems, functional issues, average performance, and poor experience of the software applications.

Suppose they find any application unsatisfactory in terms of functions or performances, in that case, they may switch to its alternatives without any prior notice to the developer to present a better functional version or application. Thus, along with the faster time-to-market of an application, it’s crucial to ensure high-quality mobile application testing services to have a successful mobile application.


Mobile app testing services ensure that mobile-web, native, or hybrid apps can meet all your business requirements through a significant number of checks on multiple devices, operating systems, screen resolutions, internet connections, etc.

The scope of testing newly developed mobile applications on multiple devices and platforms is becoming more complex day by day. Since mobile application testing services are quite demanding nowadays, there’s a shift in its entire testing approach. The authentic and proper mobile app testing methodologies have been replaced with performance testing followed by functional testing, security testing, usability testing, and compatibility testing. The advanced testing services requisites for mobile applications lead to problems and challenges even to the leading mobile development businesses.

Vihat Technologies is one of the leading mobile app testing companies in India that possesses an enriched and exceptional mobile testing team that covers all the mobile app quality aspects – automation, functional, performance, and security testing services across several devices, platforms, and carriers. We emphasize the end-user experience, and our services can assist customers in understanding and gaining confidence that the mobile applications are functioning as expected on platforms or devices that their end-users employ.


Our independent mobile testing services can help make your software applications error-free and usable in different mobile platforms and devices through our exceptional services. The services that we can offer you include:

  • Functionality Testing: We perform the functional testing of mobile applications to ensure that they meet all the requirements through our deep understanding of its logic to improve the quality extensively.
  • Compatibility and Cross-Device Testing: Our mobile app testing services also include testing application compatibility and cross-device testing on several devices, platforms, screen resolutions, form factors, sizes, etc.
  • Performance Testing: We also offer performance testing for mobile apps that validates the optimum response time from the server, and detects bandwidth issues and memory usage.
  • Security Testing: We also cover security testing of mobile applications by performing end-to-end security checks and compliance with OWASP mobile top 10.
  • Usability Testing: We cover usability testing of a mobile application to ensure that it’s user-friendly as possible for the end-users.
  • Test Automation: Our mobile automation testing services can help in increasing testing efficiency and reducing the time to market for applications.
mobile application testing services
  • Web Testing: We also offer web testing of an application on real mobile devices to ensure that it can work adequately on several browsers and screen sizes.
  • API Testing: We perform API testing to check whether a mobile application works correctly with its own API or third-party APIs.
  • Manual Testing: We also perform the manual testing of a mobile application using different appropriate and efficient testing approaches.
  • Regression Testing: We also perform regression testing of a mobile application to ensure that any of the newly added functions or features do not affect the already existing functionalities of the mobile application.
  • Localization Testing: Our mobile application testing services also include localization of a mobile application where we take special care of the languages that an application supports, the correctness of time and date settings, accurate translation of several interface elements, etc., based on a specific region.
  • Exploratory Testing: We perform exploratory testing to find bugs during intuitive checkups based on our previous experience in mobile application testing.
  • Network Connectivity: We help validate the mobile application function in various network types, connection speeds, and low connection quality.
  • 3rd Party Interruptions: Our application testing services can also help in ensuring that activated camera, incoming calls, battery charging or dead, low signals, bluetooth on/off, rotation, voice command, push-app notifications, switching between apps, etc., can’t affect the application working as well.


We are one of the leading mobile app testing companies in India that can do specific functionality validation of a mobile application to ensure that it works and operates flawlessly across all platforms and devices. How we do it includes:

  • Installation Testing: We ensure that a mobile application’s installation and further operation go smoothly and adequately through installation testing.
  • Upgrade Testing: Our services also include upgrade testing that tests whether an upgrade of the mobile application can be installed on the existing user’s device.
  • Carrier-Based Testing: During our mobile application testing services, we also perform the carrier-based testing of the mobile application.
  • Interoperability Testing: Through our interoperability testing of a mobile application, we ensure that it functions and interacts well with other applications and their components or devices without any compatibility issues as per the user requirements.
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode Testing: We perform landscape/portrait mode testing of a mobile application to ensure that it doesn’t have any issues during the changes in its screen orientation in a device.
  • Screen Resolution Testing: We perform the screen resolution testing of a mobile or web application by testing it on different screen resolutions across multiple devices and platforms.
  • GPS Testing: We also test for the GPS functionality of the mobile application through our mobile app testing services.
  • Feature Testing: We also test for multiple variations of the features of a mobile application to ensure the best user experience.
  • User Interface Testing: We perform user interface testing of a mobile application to ensure that the UI and visual elements of the application are functioning as per the requirements.
  • Sequence Testing: Our application testing services also include sequence testing, where we perform the high priority testing of a mobile application first and in sequence.
  • Content Testing: Through the content testing of the mobile application, we ensure that the contents of the application are suitable for the end-users, and they can find, understand, and comprehend the content easily.
  • Audio Testing: Our mobile app testing services also include audio testing of the mobile application.
  • Error Handling Verification: We also perform the error handling verification of a mobile application to ensure whether it can bear any errors in the future or not.
  • Visual Testing: We conduct visual testing of a mobile application and ensure that all its visual elements are correct and appear appropriate to all users.
  • Accessibility Testing: Our services also include accessibility testing of a mobile application through which we ensure that the application is easily accessible to all, irrespective of any disabilities.
  • Connectivity Testing: We also conduct the connectivity testing technique in a mobile application during our application testing services.
  • Battery Drain and Data Usage Testing: We ensure how the runtime of a mobile application affects the battery drain of the phone and data usage through its battery drain and data usage testing.
  • Power Consumption Testing: Our testing services also include the power consumption testing of a mobile application of various devices.
  • Memory Testing: We also perform memory testing in a mobile application to ensure its RAM and CPU consumption.
  • Broken Links Testing: Broken links result from server errors that can cause the mobile application to malfunction. We perform broken links testing, which helps in verifying any broken links.
  • Different Internet Modes: We also test the mobile application to ensure that it can work on different internet connection modes such as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, or offline.
  • Device-Related Actions: We also test for the device-related actions of a mobile application such as device rotation, multi-touch or single touch, long-press or tap, shake, etc.
  • Access Permissions: We also include the mobile application’s permission to access the microphone and camera through our mobile application testing services.
  • Application Transfer: We also perform tests to verify the mobile application’s ability to transfer the data to the memory card or vice versa.
  • Storage Capacity: We also ensure to verify the mobile application’s ability with the required and actual storage capacity.


Vihat Technologies is one of the leading mobile app testing companies in India that aims to help detect any issues in a mobile application so that businesses can release flawless and efficient mobile applications. We provide exceptional mobile app testing services through our experienced test engineers with impeccable knowledge of mobile application testing who also use excellent tools to enhance the testing techniques.

  • We provide solutions and approaches for mobile testing across all verticals.
  • We provide optimized testing of a mobile application by creating a comprehensive and valuable test strategy beforehand.
  • We provide excellent testing solutions and high-end tools to accelerate and enhance the testing process.
  • Our fully equipped mobile testing lab, simulators, and partnership with BrowserStack make mobile application testing better.
  • We perform testing for mobile applications across multiple handsets and global operators to ensure flawless functioning and performance.


As a leading mobile app testing company in India, we aim to offer our clients the best mobile application testing services through high-end tools and effective processes.


In this stage, we initiate the task by analyzing requirements regarding the mobile application. A software requirement specification document helps us in the analysis process as an initial part of our services.


In the planning stage, we write a precise, clear test strategy and test plan based on the initiation process regarding the analysis of requirement specifications. They serve as a guideline for all the testing processes, schedules, test coverage, etc., throughout the entire software development and testing life cycle.

Test Design

In this stage of our mobile application testing services, we start with the test design, which includes writing and reviewing repeatable test cases according to the requirements determined in the document. Where appropriate, we also focus on non-functional requirements, existing rules, or application logic while writing test cases.

Test Execution

In this stage, we execute the test cases and detect any bugs or flaws in the mobile application to identify if the requirements are as expected. Here, we also participate in a bug triage meeting to identify and prioritize the most critical defects, along with fewer critical bugs and gaps. We also get the agreed defects fixed and re-tested before the next testing cycle.


In this stage, we cluster the bugs based on the impact, priority, and severity and report the status of the bugs, test cases, and test cycles as part of our mobile application testing services.

Results Analysis

In this stage, we analyze the testing reports and discuss with the team the root cause, improvement area, and action plan.


What is the difference between web and mobile testing? And why are mobile application testing services crucial?

Web application testing services ensure that a website application runs appropriately, is highly functional, and provides a bug-free experience across browsers, devices, and platforms. In contrast, mobile app testing services ensure the compatibility issues or bugs present in hybrid or native mobile applications across several iOS or Android devices.

Through mobile application testing services, businesses can develop mobile applications accessible and scalable across multiple platforms or devices. It tests the mobile apps for their usability, functionality, and consistency. It is possible through both automation and manual testing.

Is coding knowledge required for mobile app testing services?

Yes, the test engineers should have basic programming language knowledge such as Java to perform mobile application testing services. However, it is not a must, but it’s necessary.

What are the pitfalls to avoid during mobile application testing services?

Some pitfalls not to do during mobile application testing services include:

  • We shouldn’t avoid UI/UX guidelines since they are crucial for ensuring high-quality applications.
  • Every single aspect of a mobile application doesn’t necessarily need to be tested. A deep understanding of the mobile applications’ features is required, and then one should create a context-driven testing methodology. Thus, only the specific aspects of the mobile application should be tested for better results.
  • Automating all the aspects of a mobile application isn’t feasible as it makes the testing process more complex.
  • There shouldn’t be any lack of strategic planning for the testing of the mobile application.

How to test mobile applications?

One can test the mobile applications using mobile application testing tools; however, they should support devices across various operating systems, platforms, and devices.


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