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Most businesses use cloud computing services to enable users to access specific applications from anywhere effectively and efficiently. Using cloud computing, businesses can accelerate the speed of application development and reduce the extra cost needed for development. Cloud computing can help users in the updating process more frequently and is easier to install. If one operates the cloud solutions appropriately, it can ensure the increase of application scalability and flexibility.

Cloud-based platforms are valuable in boosting a business’s ability to minimize the time-to-market and discard upfront costs extensively. Such a benefit increases the interest of businesses in adopting cloud-based solutions. As incredible as cloud computing may seem, it also comes with unique data security, integration, privacy, and application performance challenges. Here, cloud testing services come in handy. Extensive cloud testing services ensure that all your cloud implementations can succeed, and you can also attain optimum and valuable benefits from the cloud solution.

Vihat Technologies is an independent cloud testing company that can provide you with exceptional cloud testing services. We have outstanding testing skills to detect issues in any of the cloud models that you choose.

Vihat Technologies offers impeccable cloud testing services that ensure the possibility of delivery of computing services such as analytics, networking, storage, application, and databases over the internet.

cloud testing services
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), e.g., Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce

We can assist you in validating your SaaS for a careful and effective review and then seeking out all the customization-inflicted vulnerabilities, interoperability flaws, and potential downtimes or breach factors present in it.

  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), e.g., Cloud Factory,, Heroku, Google App Engine, OpenShift

We can also assist in validating your PaaS by carefully paying attention to specific issues that are likely to arise from the integration with vendor lock-in, legacy systems, and provider-controlled data storage.

  • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), e.g., AWA, Azure

Our services also include the IaaS testing process, where our team will verify the runtime botches, multi-tenant security, and personalization faults present in your application.


Vihat Technologies is an offshore cloud testing company in India that can provide you with incredible cloud testing services that benefit your business. Some of the benefits include:

  • Scalability: Cloud tools have capabilities similar to in-house testing and more. It is highly beneficial since testing in the cloud application offers scalability. Scalability can help businesses to handle larger projects than normal and even save businesses time and money.
  • Unlimited availability: Cloud application provides users with the benefit of accessing their resources from any device. Even QA testers can test it anywhere as per their preferences. It has a dynamic availability that enables testers to generate real-life traffic situations that are crucial to access the scalability and performance of your cloud application.
  • Supports agile workflows: Cloud testing services can boost agile ideas as it provides an inherently collaborative platform. It can also facilitate agile ideas like continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous feedback, collaboration, etc.
  • More time to address issues and defects: During cloud testing services, the testers don’t require to wait for starting the work. It helps solve issues faster, and professionals don’t have to deal with physical machines. Moreover, it allows the experts to spend more of their time addressing potential issues that have high importance.
  • Customizable for testing needs: Cloud testing provides opportunities for testing multiple routes to a system. Testers can perform performance and load testing on every scenario to verify how different permutations can impact the cloud program on a particular device. Such flexibility can help determine what actions to take to make the cloud application more compatible with specific devices, leading to a better quality cloud application.
  • Easier testing and monitoring: The cloud infrastructure can help in easier testing and monitoring of the production environment for businesses. Businesses can test the cloud application for the exact number of actual users.
  • Tailoring user-experience: Localization and globalization testing of a cloud application can help businesses detect where the users are whenever they interact with the cloud applications and then tailor the cloud application as per the user’s location and enhance the users’ experience.
  • Lower costs: Cloud testing can help businesses to lower their expenses.


Vihat Technologies is an offshore cloud testing company in India that can offer you effective strategies to test the cloud application. We can help you seek out all the pitfalls and challenges that you may face with cloud applications and then help solve those problems through our effective and efficient testing services. Our cloud testing services include:

  • Functionality Testing: Through our services, we can test for the functionality of your cloud application features by checking it against all the functional requirements to ensure that it has complied with your business requirements, meets the users’ expectations, and integrates seamlessly with your business environment.
  • Performance Testing: Our services also include performance testing that can help you test your cloud application performance by validating the virtual environment for its resilience to load, stress, volume, soak and network latency to detect the bottlenecks and weak points in its reliability, capacity, and scalability.
  • Security Testing: Our experts will validate the security controls of your cloud application, evaluate its susceptibility to a different range of attacks with the use of cloud penetration testing and then provide a detailed report of vulnerabilities upon the test completion.
cloud testing services
cloud testing services
  • Compatibility Testing: Through compatibility testing, we can test the compatibility of your cloud application across several browsers, platforms, hardware, and operating systems to verify whether your cloud application provides an equally good experience or not.
  • Usability Testing: We can also test the usability of your cloud application through user behaviour simulation tests to discover all the possible inconsistencies, flaws, and botches present in your cloud ware interfaces and workflows.
  • Data Migration Quality: When you initiate significant data migration in your cloud application, we can help test that the data migration from the legacy solution to the new one goes on successfully without disruptions to your business continuity.
  • Manual Testing: We perform different appropriate testing approaches manually to test your cloud ware application.


Vihat Technologies is a cloud testing company in India that can provide exceptional services to verify your cloud applications. We can assist businesses through our effective strategy designing for your cloud application testing to know all the challenges and pitfalls. Usually, the testing of your cloud application would be addressed on functional testing. However, it also requires a strong emphasis on cloud-specific and non-functional testing alongside functional testing. Our professionals and QA experts adopt an end-to-end testing approach to ensure that you get high-quality standards across all the cloud implementation aspects.

  • We provide effective and efficient cloud testing solutions across all verticals.
  • We help businesses create a detail-oriented test strategy in advance for optimized testing of their cloud applications.
  • We have testing professionals who have comprehensive and excellent experience across domains and technologies.
  • We have experience with several industry-leading tools that help in effective cloud testing services.


We are an independent cloud testing company in India, having experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We can offer incredible testing services for your cloud applications with our high-end tools and effective testing strategies. Our cloud testing processes include:


In this stage, we initiate the task by analyzing requirements regarding the cloud application. A cloud application specification document helps us in the analysis process as an initial part of our services.


In the planning stage, we write a precise, clear test strategy and test plan based on the initiation process regarding the analysis of requirement specifications. They serve as guidelines for all the testing processes, schedules, test coverage, etc., throughout the entire cloud application development and testing life cycle.

Test Design

In this stage, we start with the test design, which includes writing and reviewing repeatable test cases according to the requirements determined in the document. Where appropriate, we also focus on non-functional requirements, existing rules, or application logic while writing test cases.

Test Execution

In this stage, we execute the test cases and detect any bugs or flaws to identify if the requirements are as expected. Here, we also participate in a bug triage meeting to identify and prioritize the most critical defects, along with less critical bugs and gaps. We also get the agreed defects fixed and re-tested before the next testing cycle.


In this stage, we cluster the bugs based on the impact, priority, and severity and report the bugs, test cases, and test cycles as part of our services.

Results Analysis

In this stage, we analyze the testing reports and discuss with the team the root cause, improvement area, and action plan.


How do you protect your data in cloud applications?

Cloud applications are in high demand nowadays. However, people are unaware that they may go through security issues when using cloud applications. Here, you can take a look at several ways that can help you to protect your data in the cloud application that you are using:

  • You can use a cloud service that can encrypt your files in both your computer and the cloud application so that your private information is safe.
  • Before signing up for the cloud application, ensure that you read the user agreement entirely since it includes details about how the application will protect your private information.
  • Ensure that you configure your privacy settings as soon as you sign up for the cloud application and check that you aren’t sharing your private data through the applications you connect with the service provider.
  • You can also use strong passwords to protect your data from any attacks.
  • You should use two-factor authentication in the cloud application. It means that whoever tries to sign in with your account would require additional information apart from the password. It can be answering questions, providing a PIN, etc.
  • Don’t provide personal information publicly, such as your birthdate, mother’s maiden name, etc. Also, don’t provide personal information to unknown or untrusted people.
  • Ensure that you aren’t storing any sensitive data on the cloud application. Think of those documents or information that you think shouldn’t get in other people’s hands, and don’t store those in your cloud application.

How can cloud testing services take your enterprise up a notch?

Usage of cloud testing services by businesses empowers several things, including setting up infrastructure, monitoring testing goals, leveraging cloud servers, designing test cases, developing user scenarios, and delivering results. There are several ways through which cloud testing services can take your business up a notch, which include:

  • Better performance testing of the enterprises.
  • Faster testing leads to reduced time to market for the enterprises.
  • Benefits of virtualization to cloud testing services, i.e., more efficiency and flexibility through optimal resource usage.
  • Enabling businesses with thoughtful infrastructure capacities, convenient data management, better load performance, and enhanced server-side opportunities.

What are the three advantages and disadvantages of cloud applications?

The three main advantages of a cloud application are:

  1. Lower maintenance costs: Through cloud applications, businesses can effectively lower hardware and software maintenance costs.
  2. Enhanced accessibility: Cloud applications help users gain enhanced accessibilities since they can access their files anywhere without much hassle. Moreover, this increased accessibility due to cloud infrastructure allows businesses to be more productive.
  3. Increased collaboration: Through cloud applications, it is possible to increase collaborations as groups of people can share information quickly through the shared storage of a cloud application.

There are some risks or disadvantages of a cloud application. The three main disadvantages include:

  1. Risk in data confidentiality: While using cloud applications, you may face the risk of other people accessing your user data. Hence, you should get a cloud application that has good protection.
  2. Dependent on the internet connection: Using cloud applications requires an internet connection. It means that you won’t be able to access your data in the absence of an internet connection.
  3. The level of security: In any cloud application, you may face security issues. Using cloud applications means entrusting all your data security and confidentiality to the company providing the cloud application, and you can’t even sue the servers for any data errors.

What are the challenges with cloud testing services?

Using cloud applications has several advantages, but some challenges may also arise when testing them. Some of the challenges for cloud testing services include:

  • Performance Issues: Since a cloud application is a single server having multiple users, the performance of one user may affect the other’s performance. It means that the performance depends on the load of the cloud application. Hence, the testers may face such issues from time to time, depending on the cloud application’s load.
  • Security Issues: There may arise challenges in the security testing of the cloud application since it may have limitations due to other cloud stakeholder’s presence in the same server with virtual IP addresses.
  • Integration Concerns: You would notice challenges in the integration of virtual machines of the cloud applications.
  • ROI Estimation: Cloud applications deliver high ROI; however, they are still doubtful from the business viability point of view.
  • Qualitative Services: If the services are not good in quality related to the availability, scalability, flexibility, and continuity, the business may face some challenges and losses.
  • Functional Testing Aspects: The cloud application is required to pass its behavioural aspects alongside system testing, interoperability testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing; otherwise, challenges may arise.
  • Accessibility and Recovery Testing: The cloud application should go through proper accessibility testing and recovery testing since some backdoors may exist to allow unauthorized access to the application or people with disabilities may find it difficult to access the application.


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