Health And Wellbeing Store Application

Web Application Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile App Testing

About Client:

Leading online Health and Wellbeing Store Application, an emerging next-generation nutritional supplements retailer.

What online Health and Wellbeing Store Application had covered in the application testing processes when they initially contacted us and what they have achieved after they started using our software testing services.

QA Team: 1 Performance Tester

Domain: eCommerce, Retails, Healthcare

Project Length: Mid-Term


  • The application was pretty much stable functionality-wise with no critical or major bugs. However, was not reliable and responsive during peak hours to handle the projected load and concurrent users with a good user experience and response times.
  • The existing QA team was not well-versed in performance testing. As a result, no performance testing was performed.
  • There were no epics, user stories, and acceptance criteria for performance testing.
  • There were no test strategies, test plans, test cases, or checklists.
  • There was a lack of test documentation or confluence pages for knowledge transfer.
  • No labels and references for performance testing in the test management and bug tracking systems.
  • No labels and references for performance testing on the scrum board.
  • The application was not supporting the expected load with minimum hardware resources along with acceptable user experience and response times.
  • Releases were made with major performance-related issues.


  • Structured and formalized the application performance testing process.
  • Worked with the Product Owner and created and updated detailed user stories with clear acceptance criteria.
  • Created detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured testing strategy, test plan, checklists, and confluence pages, interfacing with all levels of the application protocol stack.
  • Conducted web and mobile application performance testing against all the various components and reported multiple critical performance-related issues.
  • Updated the test management and bug tracking systems with appropriate performance testing labels and references.
  • Updated the scrum board with appropriate performance testing labels and references.
  • Performed multiple types of performance tests including load, stress, spike, endurance, reliability, scalability, etc.
  • Simulated the real-world peak and non-peak scenarios with different load levels and ensured the performance and good user experience of an application were not compromised.
  • Performed real-time monitoring of the application for a while to get a live view of how the application performs in its natural habitat and to identify performance issues and breaking points (e.g. fluctuations, slowdowns, etc.) under heavy loads as they arise, rather than after they have impacted users. It also guided us in scalability and resource consumption and optimization efforts.
  • Optimized the database queries and implemented caching mechanisms for better performance.
  • The web application was efficiently able to handle heavy user load leading to faster responses with limited hardware resources.
  • Collaborated closely with the dev team and stakeholders and provided detailed feedback and improvement suggestions for all the potential application and infrastructure bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Created simple reports to document testing conducted and performance-related issues identified.
  • Planned the releases with rigorous performance validation beforehand along with release notes.
  • Participated in standups, sprint planning, sprint estimation, release planning, retrospective, and defect triage meetings.
Stories Created And Reviewed
Confluence Pages Created
Improved Application Performance
Bugs Reported And Fixed Before Release


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