Property Management Application

Web Application Testing, Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing, Dedicated QA Team

About Client:

Leading Rental Property Management Application, an emerging next-generation letting agency.

What Rental Property Management Application had covered in the application testing processes when they initially contacted us and what they have achieved after they started using our software testing services.

QA Team: 2 Manual QA Engineers

Domain: Real Estate, Letting

Project Length: Long-Term


  • Lack of QA processes.
  • No QAs on the project, as a result, chaotic testing from the developers & managers’ side only.
  • No QA documentation or confluence pages for knowledge transfer.
  • No test management and bug tracking systems and an unstructured scrum board.
  • Random releases with functionality not thoroughly tested.
  • A large number of critical & major issues in the production environment.


  • Structured and formalized the application testing process.
  • Worked with Product Owner and created detailed user stories with clear acceptance criteria.
  • Created detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured testing strategy and test plan.
  • Covered more than 90% of the application with test cases.
  • Validated screens against Figma designs.
  • Setup Jira, and Hiptest, and updated the scrum board.
  • Updated the Jira workflow.
  • Cleaned up the old bugs and scheduled releases with thorough testing.
  • Helped troubleshoot issues with the application through reproduction.
  • Conducted responsive testing for multiple common screen resolutions.
  • Collaborated closely with the dev team and managers and provided detailed feedback and improvement suggestions to enhance the user experience.
  • Communicated and shared knowledge and experience with other team members from different scrum groups.
  • Created simple reports to document testing conducted and defects identified.
  • Maintained the software testing artifacts.
  • Participated in standups, sprint planning, sprint estimation, backlog grooming, release planning, retrospective, and bug triage meetings.
Stories Created
Confluence Pages Created
Application Coverage With Test Cases
Bugs Reported


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