Fitness Studio App

Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing, Compatibility Testing

About Client:

Leading Fitness Studio App, an emerging next-generation fitness studio.

What Fitness Studio App had covered in the application testing processes when they initially contacted us and what they have achieved after they started using our software testing services.

QA Team: 1 Manual QA Engineer

Domain: Healthcare

Project Length: Mid-Term


  • The QA process was quite immature.
  • Test documentation was created but with lots of off-track information.
  • Testing was performed in-house only and was often an afterthought.
  • Test management and bug-tracking systems were unorganized.
  • The bug life cycle was not well-versed.
  • Application growth altogether resulted in regression bugs.
  • Random releases with new and existing functionality not thoroughly tested.
  • There were lots of critical and major post-release bugs.


  • Quite matured the QA process significantly.
  • Set up and followed the QA rules and workflow, and built and promoted a culture of quality assurance.
  • Reviewed requirements, specifications, and technical design documents and provided timely and meaningful feedback.
  • Created and updated the library of internal testing documentation, and acceptance criteria.
  • Created test scenarios, test cases, and test scripts to facilitate testing of new applications or new features and covered approx. 90% of the application with test cases and appropriate test data.
  • Updated, Notion, TestRail, ClickUp, and bug life cycle workflow.
  • Tested mobile application, for both iOS and Android devices, along with installation testing, payment sandbox, and SQL queries.
  • Validated the UI against Figma designs.
  • Helped troubleshoot issues with the application through reproduction.
  • Followed up with users on reported bugs, and asked for more information to help recreate the issues.
  • Conducted responsive testing for multiple common screen resolutions.
  • Performed regression testing, re-testing, smoke testing, and sanity testing after changes were made to the code or bug fixes or post-release.
  • Collaborated closely with internal and external customers and provided detailed feedback and improvement suggestions.
  • Created simple reports to document testing conducted and defects identified, along with defect densities and open defect counts.
  • Cleaned up the old bugs and scheduled releases with thorough testing and release notes.
  • Maintained the software testing artifacts.
  • Participated in standups, sprint planning, sprint estimation, backlog grooming, release planning, retrospective, and bug triage meetings.
Stories Created & Reviewed
User Guide Pages Created
Bugs & Glitches Reported
Critical & Major Bugs Reported


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