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About Client

Catalyst is the application for the therapists designed to collect, sort and proceed all the data in one place with the ability to create different reports, graphs and documents.

  • No QAs on the project, as a result chaotic testing from the developers side only.
  • Many of the bugs were missed during the regular test passes.
  • A huge number of major/critical issues in the production environment.
  • Non structured and non informative bug reports.
  • No ability to execute regression testing before each release.
  • No bug tracking system and unstructured scrum board.
  • Lack of the test documentations.
  • Random releases with functionality not thoroughly tested.
  • Structured and formalized the testing process.
  • Covered more than 90% of the app with test cases.
  • Updated the Jira workflow.
  • Cleaned up the bug tracking system from old bugs.
  • Full support of all popular browsers and mobile devices.
  • Reduced the number of customer support issues by more than 50%.
  • Helped the CS team to understand all the subtleties of the application.
  • Integrated short team meetings to be sure all the team are on the same page.

The challenge was to help the client to deliver an initial version of the quality and stable product within three months and to make another four future releases with additional features during the next eight months.

Because of the size of the project, which was pretty big and included web portal and iOS/Android apps, as well as the lack of QA resources, there was no ability to execute full regression testing before each release. So one of the major requirements was to improve test suites to reduce the time spent on regression testing.

The another challenge was to build a QA process for the project. Until we joined, the developers were making testing chaotic. Many of the bugs were missed during the regular test passes and issues were stored in an unstructured way. The bug tracking system was also messy. All this led to a huge number of issues in the production environment.

The task was to improve QA process, clean up the bug tracking system and organize all existing issues. Test documentation needed to be maintained and we needed to make an initial test pass to understand the true quality of the application.

The customer support team didn’t know the specific functionalities of the project and couldn’t explain to customers about how the features work.


It was a long-term project where we act as a dedicated team responsible for the quality of the Catalyst products.

From the start, we initiated changes within the regular development process, including updating the Jira workflow, test strategy design and QA process setup, performing an initial test pass to understand the real quality of products, cleaning the bug tracking system from old bugs and test documentation development.

By adding short 15-minutes daily meetings, we eliminated possible disagreements and misunderstandings in the team, which allowed us to control the timing of tasks.

We structured and formalized the testing process. It was a positive surprise for the dev team when they saw how the bugs should look (clear steps to reproduce and actual results, crash logs and screenshots attached, etc). More than 90% of applications were covered by test cases.

The ratings of the mobile apps in the AppStore and Google Play increased and every team member felt significant improvements. This positively affected the quality of Catalyst products. We reduced the number of customer support issues by more than 50% and helped CS team understand all functional areas and features of the project.

Our experience and project functionality knowledge gave us an opportunity to troubleshoot almost any issue and even to predict some of them.

Services Provided
  • Web Testing: Most of the tests performed during the integration of new features and functionality to production. Smoke tests were run for every new build to prevent blocker bugs or server errors. Backward compatibility tests and synchronization tests were executed to ensure that the user will face only high-quality products. Also, we have been updating smoke tests in fast-paced software.
  • Mobile Testing: We tested critical areas on mobile devices, syncing data from-to Web portal, performed smoke tests on iOS/Android applications using various mobile & tablet devices. We prevented a vast number of blockers and crashes caused by the big amount of merging.
  •  Dedicated QA Team: Two senior manual test engineers from Vihat Technologies worked as a dedicated team and performed manual functional and non-functional testing using Jira, Confluence, Linux, Amazon AWS, VMWare, BrowserStack, Android Studio, iOS and Android as well as real physical devices from Vihat Technologies’ test lab and updated the test documentation. All bugs were tracked and reported in Jira.
Client Benefits
  • Vihat Technologies team worked closely with the client to write test cases in order to improve the test coverage. During the client’s frequent build cycles, new builds were sent directly to Vihat Technologies team for quick turnaround which enhanced the productivity and shorten the QA cycle.
  • QA Lead at Vihat Technologies worked with the client to provide seamless integration between the teams. With Vihat Technologies help, the client was able to meet their product release deadline with a high-quality product
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